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Provision of 
OB production facilities

A.Cosmos is the only SNG provider in Japan with in house OB production facilities.  2 of our trucks are equipped with 4 Sony HDC-4300 camera systems that ensure the highest quality HD or 4K (HDR - ITU BT.2020) images.The system is ideal for compact production requirements and enables us to provide a one stop service from the creation of live content to real time transmission.


The system is particularly suited to unilateral broadcast requirements for sports events.  These requirements often include provision of stadium studios, pitch reporting, flash interviews & play-out facilities.  It is also ideal for in-stadium vision, transmissions from conferences, red carpet or medical events.  


Vision control, engineering, audio and comm’s are housed in a portable rack often operated from a separate support vehicle allowing maximum space for production crew within the SNG.  The monitor wall can be configured according to the client’s request and the inbuilt comm’s system includes, a 2 wire main station and hybrid 4 wire to party line interface allowing for the creation of comprehensive, flexible communication networks.  


The system is expandable up to 6 cameras and can include box lenses, EVS & graphics facilities on request. Lighting,  4G back packs, and ENG crews can also be provided.   And if the requirement exceeds 6 cameras, we are also able to supply large OB vans & camera crews through partner companies.  


Please contact us with any enquiries.

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